Different Styles in Harmony City

Harmony City Blue

Harmony City Bus Stop

Harmony City Chill

Outfit #1

Glasses: CheerNo– Marley*Black
Watch: Benjaminz– Hublot Watch- White & Rose Gold
Key Chain: Kal Rau– V.I.P. Member Gift (GROUP GIFT!!!!)
Tattoos: Freaks&Geeks– Pharaoh Tattoos- Fresh
Hoodie: iRetro– Versace Sleeveless Hoodie (NEW!!!!)
Belt: Benjaminz– Versace Belt White (SOLD OUT!!!!)
Shorts: Benjaminz– Khaki Shorts
Shoes: Z3– Retro Ewing 33 Hi WhiteKnicks (NEW!!!!)

Outfit #2

Hat: Tribal– Tweed Cap Black
Glasses: CheerNo– Marley*Black
Necklace: Blvcklvnd– 2 Chainz! (NEW @ LYFE OF STYLE!!!)
Watch: Watching Time Unisex- Tino (LYFE OF STYLE GROUP GIFT!!!)
Bag: Blvcklvnd– MCM Duffel Bag (NEW @ LYFE OF STYLE!!!)
Blazer: Tribal– French Vanilla Blazer (NEW @ LYFE OF STYLE!!!)
Bottoms: Amerie– Skinny Pants Black
Shoes: Z3– Vanx Canvas- Coal

Outfit #3

Top: Le Forme– Famous Polo AF LightGreen Stripe (NEW @ LYFE OF STYLE!!!)
Bottoms: Ezkimo Fashion– Everyday Casual Shorts (8 Textures in Hud)(NEW!!!!)
Shoes: Indi Designs– Seagrass Flip Flops


Lyfe Of Style (items 75L each)
Ezkimo Fashion



Young, Fly, & Flashy


Shades: Benjaminz– Rich 4Ever Shades- Black (NEW!!!) (Ad @ the Bottom)
Watch: Benjaminz– Mesh Hublot- Black & Rose Gold
Belt: Benjaminz– Black YSL Belt
Undershirt: Havok– Thermal- White (STORE WIDE 69L SALE!!!)
Jacket/Hoodie: F A M E– Flag Denim Hoodie Jacket (NEW!!!) (Purchase Link)
Shorts: Benjaminz– Brown Camo Shorts
Shoes: Hoorenbeek– Patagonia 2.0 Loose- Black

Pose: Stakey– Posted Up 02

Benjaminz Landmark
Havok Landmark


A Lyfe Of Style

Lyfe Of Style Blog Resize

A new designer room, a place where designers come together and sell some of their creations for a discounted price, has opened on Second Life! Lyfe Of Style is the name and it originates from different styles being put together in one place to be sold. The designer room is geared towards men and women with nothing being sold for over 150Ls. High quality products at an afford price. Who doesn’t want to live a lyfe of style?

Outfit #1
Jacket: Transform– Round 2 Knicks (Lyfe Of Style) (NEW!!!!)
Jeans: Amerie– Mesh Skinny Jeans- Black
Shoes: Z3– All Star Yeezys

Pose: June– Basic Pose 6 (Lyfe Of Style) (NEW!!!)

Outfit #2
Jacket: Df U Mean– Trill Jacket Black and Red (Lyfe Of Style) (NEW!!!!)
Pants: NotSoBad– Vince Jeans- Black
Shoes: Z3– Yeezy 2s- Limited Edition Stealth

Pose: June– Basic Pose 3 (Lyfe Of Style) (NEW!!!)

Outfit #3
Top: YoseIsaBum– Long Sleeve TruBrandin- Brown (Lyfe Of Style) (NEW!!!!)
Shorts: Epicosity– Chino Shorts- Brown
Shoes: Entente– Cousteau Shoes- White

Pose: Stakey- 1, 2 Step Step 01 (Lyfe Of Style) (NEW!!!)

Outfit #4
Watch: Benjaminz–¬† Mesh Hublot- Black
Top: HeadzUp– Sash Black Watch Polo (Lyfe Of Style) (New!!!!!)
Shorts: Benjaminz– Mesh Khaki Shorts
Shoes: Z3– 5.1s BJ Whites

Pose: June– Basic Pose 2 (Lyfe Of Style) (NEW!!!)

Lyfe Of Style Landmark

Heres a Preview of some of the female items available now.

7891 Iris

Events, Hunts, and Group Gifts!


Outfit #1
Top: N-Creation– Hoodie With Shirt (Voodoo Fashion Event)
Shorts: Benjaminz– Light Blue Mesh
Shoes: Z3– 7z Olympics

Pose: Expressive Poses– Stripped 3 (Old Hunt Item-MHOH)

Outfit #2
Hair: MADesigns Hair– June- Black (Men’s Dept)
Top: Epicosity– Layered Vest- Black Plaid (Menstuff Hunt)
Bottoms: Ispachi– Executive Chinos- Black (Voodoo Fashion Event)
Shoes: Epicosity– Slip Ons- Plaid (Menstuff Hunt)

Pose: Focus Poses– Vintage Man 7 (Vintage Fair)

Outfit #3
Hat: HeadzUp– Metal H Snapback- Red (Group Gift)
Belt: Ble$$ed– Hermes Leather Belt- Black
Shirt: HeadzUp– Big Pony Polo- Red (Group Gift)
Bottoms: Benjaminz– Black Denim Mesh (Menstuff Hunt)
Shoes: AirHare– Air Jordan VII- HeartBreak

Pose: Stakey– Posted up 08


Men’s Dept– Lasts all month

Menstuff Hunt– Lasts until Sept 3rd

Vintage Fair– Lasts until Aug 29th

Voodoo Fashion Fair– Lasts until Aug 30th

HeadzUp– Undisclosed end date

My Brother and Me


Rico A. Button Fit

Hat: PRIMO– White Chicago Bulls Unsnapped Hat [MESH] (Group Gift!!!)

Watch: Chronokit– Watch no.38 QUASAR black

Shirt: Kal Rau– Basic T-shirt (NEW!!!!)

Shorts: NotSoBad– NOAM shorts

Bag : Z3– Grey Nike Gym Sack (NEW!!!!)

Bracelet: Fresco Moda– Ethnic Beads

Shoes: Z3– Yeezy 2s Stealth Limited Edition (SOLD OUT!)

Lyfe M. Button Fit

Glasses: Redgrave– Sunglasses ZENITH

Watch: Benjaminz– Mesh Hublot- White+Rose Gold (NEW!!!!)

Bag: Z3– Red Nike Gym Sack (NEW!!!!)

Shirt: Kal Rau– Basic T Shirt (NEW!!!!)

Shorts: Kal Rau– White Cargo Mesh

Shoes: INDI Designs– Seagrass Flip Flops

Fresh Off Of Work

Overalls Blog

Glasses: Redgrave– Sunglasses ZENITH

Tattoo: Freaks & Greeks– Warrior HD Tattoo

Watch: Benjaminz– Mesh Hublot Watch- Black & Rose Gold

Overalls: Sheep Door– Overall (Mesh)- Chino

Boots: Hoorenbeek– Patagonia- Wheat

Futuristic Swag or Blast from the Past


Hair: Unorthodox– Willile Hyn Mohawk (NEW!!!!!!)

Belt: Ble$$ed– Hermes Black Leather Belt

Jacket: Suicidal Tendencies– CrossLeopard Letterman (NEW!!!!!)

Shorts: Kal Rau– Promo fit Shorts (Group Gift)

Shoes: Z3РChristian Louboutin  Leopard

Landmarks for NEW items!


Suicidal Tendencies

What Time Is It? Im Baacckkkk


Hat: Z3– [ATL] Fitted

Necklace: 2LAG- JESUS CHAIN- Gold

Tattoos: Freaks&Geeks– Warrior HD Tattoos

Watch: Benjaminz– Mesh Hublot- Black + Rose Gold (NEW!!!!!)

Belt: Benjaminz– GUCCI Mesh

Shorts: Benjaminz– Black Shorts Mesh

Shoes: Z3– Yeezy 2s Cherry Limited Edition (SOLD OUT!)

This new watch is nothing short of amazing. You can set the time yourself and it also ticks like a real watch with the option of turning the sound off of course. There are different colors available and they are unisex! Heres the ride to get yours and be one of the first to have it. Ad at the bottom!



Through the Wire

Hat: Dope Swaga– Pirates Fitted- Blk On Blk

Necklace: Mandala– KARMA Necklace/Justice- Black

Belt: Benjaminz– Black YSL

Jacket: Epicosity– Trench Coat- Coal (NEW!!!!)

Jeans: Benjaminz– Dark Blue Faded Denim

Shoes: Hoorenbeek– Patagonia 2.0 – Loose- Black

Nerd? Thats me!

Glasses: CheerNO– Glasses MARLEY- Black Lens

Shirt/ Vest Combo: Epicosity– Layered Vest- Khaki (Earth Tones Version)

Shorts: Epicosity– Chino Shorts- Khaki

Shoes: FIR & MNA– The Wethersfield Shoe- Khaki